Excel reports won't open - everything else seems ok


I'm getting error message: "An unexpected err has occurred:
Error Number: 1004
Error Desc: 'C:\Users\Bob\Documents\My ESPlanner\xxxxx.xls' could not be found. Check the spelling of the file name, and verify that the file location is correct.

If you are trying to open the file from your list of most recently used files, make sure that the file has not been renamed, moved, or deleted.
Error Source: Routines::openWorkbook
Line Number: 0
Addl Info: Failed to open spreadsheet [C:\Users\Bob\Documents\My ESPlanner\xxxxx.xls]"

It looks to me like it's pointing to the right location so not sure what's wrong. I've got ESPlanner version 2.30.3; Excel 2010 (32 bit); Windows 7


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Might have to move this to a support ticket. But you get this error when you create a new report? Do you have the same problem when you create a PDF report? Is the file actually being created there in that location? (i.e., can you see the file there that is created when you navigate to that directory?)

Again, I assume you are creating a new file, a new report, and not just trying to open an existing report.

I'm able to create PDF report but only for 1st profile. No PDF menu option for "5.16.15" profile. (Have attached screenshot photo). Found I can re-create the excel files and/or open them from Windows Explorer but can't seem to open from ESPlanner application.

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If you paste "C:\Users\Bob\Documents\My ESPlanner\xxxxx.xls" (without quotes) into the Run box on the Start menu, what happens? (I'm assuming Windows.)

Go to Help> About> Options. Copy the contents of the Reports field into your clipboard. (Highlight content, right-click, copy.) Paste that into the Run box. Press enter. What happens?

I pasted "C:\Users\Bob\Documents\My ESPlanner\xxxxx.xls" into run box and it opened up the excel file no problem.

I pasted contents of reports field (C:\Users\Bob\Documents\My ESPlanner\) into run box and it opened up My ESPlanner folder in Windows Explorer.

I now see "PDF Report" option in May 16th profile (I think I just didn't created it along with the excel reports) and I can open it by just clicking it in ESP application. But when I click on the excel reports I still get the error message.

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I wonder if the pathname that is being created is confused because of the periods (dots) in the profile name (5.16.15). I believe that file name is created from the profile name and perhaps those dots are confusing things. Try renaming that profile.

I renamed but didn't seem to help

Everything works! I removed "&" from both profile names, created reports and now I can open them all from the application.

Thank you both for your help!!!

Ampersands often create problems in file and path names. Any one of the many parts of the chain may choke on it.

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I'll create a ticket here to ask Darryl to make & not possible in the profile names.

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