Excel reports on a mac

I am using ESPlanner using parallels which is fine, but am having problems creating the excel files. I do not have Excel running on windows, but was hoping to create the excel files and then use my Mac version of excel to open them. Any hints?


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I don't know actually. That's a question for Darryl, who happens to be out of touch for another week or so. But I would think Excel is needed on the Win side to generate the report. Is the PDF report being generated OK?

Yes, the PDF report is fine. I was hoping I could create the report without opening and then move it to the mac side. Should I repost in a week when Darryl is back?

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You could create a support ticket and I would assign it to him. He'd see it when he returned.

I experienced the same problem using Windows XP and Parallels. However I recently installed Win 8.1 under Parallels 10.0 and found that ESPlanner will generate XL reports, but only if MS Office is installed on Win side of partition. I use Office 365 Home Edition, which you can try for a month for $9.99.

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Yes, unfortunately Excel has to be on the windows side.

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