ESP Database Chooser


The ESPlanner Database chooser doesn't seem to work after updating to v2.32.1


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I don't see a problem. Are you sure? I'm in Tools / Options and there's a button to "Select" database and it works as I would expect.

I use to be able to click on Start => All Programs => ESPlanner => ESPlanner Database Chooser to open a window where there was one button to "Select a Database" and another button to "Launch ESPlanner". The icon for ESPlanner Database Chooser still shows up on my computer, but nothing happens when I click on it.

I figured it out. There are two menu items (one for ESPlanner and one for ESPlannerPro). The database chooser shows up under both menu items, but is only active under the Pro version.

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And I see now what you are talking about. (Didn't know that was being used or I had forgot about that feature). Another approach, by the way, would be to collect databases in folders with folder names and then database names that were meaningful. Then just go in and double-click the database you want to open.

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