E$Planner Email Update Notifications?


Seems like we used to get an email when new updates were released. 2.3.0 and 2.3.1 were recently released, but I only learned that because of a version mention in the previous forum post. Are you still sending out update email notifications?


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Yes, we are sort of waiting for the smoke to clear. Already, you see, we had to make a quick correction on 2.30.0 so before we announce, we'll make sure all is well. We test things, but can't always catch everything. So we'll announce in a few weeks. You'll get that as long as you didn't opt out of the Constant Contact list.

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I double checked: you are still on the CC mail list so you'll get the notice when I send it out.

Quick question - I received an e-mail on 23 Apr 15 regarding the most recent update but can't figure out how to download it. My annual license is current but when I go to the purchase page it looks like I will be charged an annual update. Request advise and thanks!

Click on "My ESPlanner", then "My Downloads" and you should be good.


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Yes, the note contained a sentence that made this point unclear. Thanks Brian.

I have not received an email for updates in a long time. Can you check for me? Thanks.

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Mark you can go ahead and download and install the latest version if you like. We are waiting to send out a notice after a few more minor changes--we just don't want to keep sending notes saying, oh, wait, download again, we changed something after we sent the notice! I'm expecting an official update notice in the next few weeks, but again, you can download and install anytime and that we be assured you are running the latest update which is 2.33.1

Hi Dan, Haha I think I was not clear. I did not mean it has been a while between updates. I meant that I no longer receive emails announcing a new version. So I have to check periodically to see if there is a new version. I am hoping I can once again receive emails announcing the availability of new versions (and, yes, I have downloaded 2.33.1). Thanks!

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Oh! It could be you opted out at some point from the Constant Contact list--in which case you'll have to opt back in when I send you a link to do so. If you have never opted out, then I can just manually add you to that list--which I will do!

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You are on the list now Mark. You'll get the next update notice. :)

Thank you, Dan!

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