Economics-based planning & retirement account possibilities

I have a question about modeling a retirement account. This account is held by one company, and 25% of the total is held in a fund that guarantees around 5%. The remainder is held in a stock fund that fluctuates with various factors. I’d like to enter this such that I can hold the 25% at the constant growth rate, and play “what-if” with the remainder. All funds, as well as new contributions (that are made monthly) are made pre-tax. I’m using the Economics-based planning model. What is/are my best modeling option(s)?


dan royer's picture

If it's a married profile, you could put the 25% as "husband" and set it at 5% and put the rest as "Wife" and experiment with a range of nominal interest rates. Otherwise, there's no way to separate those out like you want. You'd have to just run a range of return assumptions based on historical returns.

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