Duplicate Entries in Portfolioa Implementation?

I have defined Default as the portfolio for my wife's and my retirement assets, and Portfolio 2 for our non-retirement assets. The Monte Carlo entry screen looks normal, but the report page under Inputs and Assumptions/Portfolio Implementation appears to show each year duplicated with one version of the year correctly showing Portfolio 2 for non-retirement assets, and one version of the year incorrectly showing Default for non-retirement assets. I can't tell if this is affecting return calculations or not, or is just a harmless glitch. This report was generated using Release 2.30.3, the latest release. Reports generated using prior releases apparently did not have the Portfolio Implementation page. Please let me know if this is a problem.



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It's a glitch that does not impact returns. But I've fixed this in the past by using "save as" on the family profile and also I think by using Shift Reset on the portfolio to set them back to default and then rebuild them.

Great, thanks.

So, is this going to be fixed? It is still an issue in ESPlanner Plus version 2.32.1

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I'm not seeing it in 2.32.2 (current release), but perhaps something gets stuck in some people's database? Did using save as fix it?

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