Does a future change in the inflation rate reduce real returns going forward?


Since returns for regular assets and retirement accounts are set using nominal rates, does adjusting the inflation rate in a future year reduce the real returns going forward?

If that's the case, then if one adjusts the inflation rate at a future year, one should also adjust the nominal rates of return for those accounts at that same future year. This nuance didn't occur to me until recently.


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Yes, the nominal rate you enter is always relative, now and in the future, to the inflation rate you set. So if you set inflation at 3% and nominal return at 3%, ESPlanner will be revealing a 0% real return. Furthermore, if you schedule a change of nominal return to 5% at some point in the future, then at that point the real return will become 2% (per the 3% inflation setting).

Thanks for your response. This confirms what I thought. In my case, I had changed the inflation rate upward a few years in the future without changing the nominal rate of return, causing my real returns to drop significantly below what I had intended for most of my retirement.

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Yes, but of course just because inflation goes up doesn't mean our nominal rates of return will go up to. :) Sometimes inflation eats away at our interest income in some periods more than others. The only asset class I know of that can be counted on to adjust to inflation is Treasury Inflation Protected Securities. TIPS.

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