Does ESPlanner adjust Social Security Income for WEP and GPO?

My spouse has 17 years working in a state school district that did not take out social security (she essentially gets a pension, like social security, from the state). [She also has about 7 years of previous social security contributions.] As a result I understand her Social Security income is reduced due to the Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government Pension Offset. However, we recently learned that if she changes jobs and gets a teaching position where the district both withholds money for social security and her pension and works there for the last 60 months prior to retirement that the GPO won't apply and she will be eligible to take her spousal benefits once I file to take my social security. Therefore I updated ESPlanner to show a pension for my spouse and put "Y" for the column "SS Cov'd" question as when I put "N" the program dramatically reduced her social security spousal benefit. When I put "Y", then she got both her state pension as well as her spousal benefit. Did I do this correctly? (I think I did.) However, the WEP is suppose to eliminate her own Social Security benefit when she files for her benefits. But the ESP results show that she does get her SS when she files (age 66.5) and I get my spousal benefit. Is ESP correctly calculating the WEP, or do I have a misunderstanding of the SS regulation? If I am correct (and ESP is not calculating the effects of the WEP), are there any plans to correct this? Finally, if my spouse cannot collect her own SS due to the WEP, can I still get a Spousal benefit? Thank you.


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I had asked Mike to answer your question, but he's just not got over here yet to get to it. He will.

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