Discretionary Spending & Savings in current year, 2016

I ran Monte Carlo simulation and for the 2016 recommendations, it has Discretionary Spending (DS)at $115,251 and Current Amount of ($111,658), which also has to have an impact on Savings. How does the program calculate the current amount for DS since I have not entered any amounts for DS for the current year? Likewise the Recommended amount of Saving is ($140,715) and Current Amount is $85,410.


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It is comparing what you entered as net saving this current year (see Assets and Saving folder) with what the program recommends. I don't find this very useful or practical. You are really interested in what the program recommends, so I would ignore the current year 2016 report and just look at Annual Recommendations. If you enter the exact recommended saving amount that the program comes up with then you'd see that everything reconciles for the current year report.

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Thanks for your response.

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