dimensional stocks

I cannot find a definition of "dimensional" stocks to guide the categorization of my portfolio for Monte Carlo evaluation


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We added those for some users that use those mutual funds. https://us.dimensional.com/

If you don't use dimensional company funds then use the general asset classes that match more or less what you own.

Actually there is not a comprehensive list of asset classes at all to choose from. So, I am going to try and mimic my portfolio by distribution of large, mid and small cap index funds. I have been able to paste in historical returns for the indexes. However, I haven't been able to adjust the relative risk number and there is very little documentation regarding this value. Can you help please?

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The relative risk is now implicit in the return history. So much of the new development work is going into MaxiFi https://maxifi.com and that Monte Carlo will work much more deeply and better.


I see, thanks. Somehow I didn't realize the latest and greatest was the Maxifi program. I just purchased ESP planner, is there any way to credit that toward Maxifi?

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Sure. I can refund and you can purchase MaxiFi. BTW, there's a coupon for ESPlanner users for $20

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