Deferred compensation entries?

I now have access to my employers non-qualified deferred compensation program, and I'm struggling how to handle that in the planner. Let's say I defer $75,000 from my 2017 annual salary. The deferall occurs on a pre-tax basis. I can choose to receive the $75,000 back in 2022 in a lump sum, plus any gains received on the investments I made in the plan. What is the best way to enter that it the Planner? Others with something similar, but not identical, have suggested in the forum to enter it as a special income and expenditure, but I don't think that is the most effective way to treat it for tax. Any suggestions on how to handle are greatly appreciated. Thank you.


I have a similar situation and had to create a separate Excel spreadsheet to model the future value of the deferred compensation income and then enter it as a special receipt. I modeled it in current dollars, then entered the special receipt to be in current dollars and taxable as ordinary income. I also reduced my current salary by the amount of the annual deferred income.

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