Customizing ESPlanner - How to Start Calculations in a Futue Year

The ESPlanner manual says on page 5 that you can customize the software by using the HELP drop down menu, choosing Customize, and entering global program settings. When I go to Help, there is no option to choose Customize.

One the global settings the manual says you can change, is to start the calculations in a future year. Could you tell me how I can get to the Customize section to make this change?


Steve Sorrentino

PS - I have ESPnanner Plus, version.


The menus appear to have been renamed since that document was created.

Help> About> Options> Override actual year ...

(A user)

Thanks Chris.

On my version (ESPlanner Plus v, the path is:

Tools > Options > "Override Actual Year and use this year"

Thanks for your help.



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