Custom assets for use in all profiles?


It's a pain, but I created a custom asset by replicating the XML format for one of the DFA funds. That way it's available to all profiles without having to add it multiple times. That also prevents data entry errors.

There's got to a better way. Is there? Maybe just create a way to export XML from an Excel spreadsheet provided by ESPlanner?


Along those lines, I downloaded raw data related to 10-year Treasury constant maturities from FRED ( That source is used to determine returns on a certain retirement fund in my employer's pension plan.

When creating the XML file, would that information be characterized as nominal return, or real? If I understand correctly, it's nominal, but want to be sure.



At this point, there isn't a better way to add your own assets in the style of the XML asset files. We are working on adding this so they can be entered/maintained directly in ESPlanner. This will give you what you are looking for without dealing with the XML directly. Look for this later this year.

On your other question - It is typical that returns given on investments are nominal. In this case, I'd say that is the case. I'd recommend using the 12/31 (or last day of year) return for each year's entry.



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