Creating Asset File (*.zip) to import

The program offers a way to import an asset file ("File"/"Import Asset Data ...") but the way to create this file is not documented in the Help Manual and not mentioned in the Forum. I presume the expectation of ESPlanner-Plus is that the file was created from an external source, but I cannot determine that from the documentation. A similar quandary arises in the Social Security section, where the invitation (via a radio button) to "paste from" is offered but again without documentation nor reference in the Help Manual.


While on the Past Covered Earnings tab of the Social Security benefits folder, click on the Guide icon at the top of the screen. From it you get the information below.

A user

How to import your earnings data
You can import your past earnings from the Social Security Administration at Follow these steps:
  1. Open a web browser and navigate to
  2. Login or create an account
  3. After you have successfully logged in, click the My Home tab
  5. When your records are displayed, click Edit->Select All or type CTRL-A (Hold down the CTRL key and then press A). All the text should change color. This indicates you have properly selected all the text. Do not just select your earnings data. Select all the text on the page. ESPlanner will find the data in the text you copy.
  6. Copy the text by clicking Edit->Copy or use the CTRL-C key stroke combination
  7. Return to ESPlanner and click PASTE EARNINGS DATA on the appropriate grid
  8. If the copy and paste was successful, you should see you records appear on the grid.

If the copy and paste is unsuccessful, please be sure you have selected the entire page of text, copied it, and then try the operation again.

VERIFY your data was properly copied. Only data for those years that are included in the SSA records are copied. Anything missing you should enter yourself and be sure to notify the SSA of the mistake.

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We're building a new way to import or create user defined assets. We'll work on that documentation for importing the SSA data.

So, how do you import ASSETS -- not SSA data.

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I'll have to check with our technician on that question. I thought I knew but now I'm not sure. Let me check.

Is that asset import functionality not a vestige of the old method of creating user-defined assets? I suspect it has been deprecated in favor of the new approach.

The File | Import Asset Data... is only to import asset zip files created by our, now defunct, web site to maintain them.

This was deprecated with the Spring '15 release the added the ability to enter and maintain assets directly in ESPlanner. We did not remove the menu choice initially in case there were still users that had the old zip files around and wanted to use them. I expect we will likely remove it by the end of this year.

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