Copying Input data?

I understand from a prior post that it is not possible for the user to take a 'current' data base, create a renamed copy of it, and then through ESPlanner, make what seems should be a simple change of marital status in the new data base. The prior recommendation was to, disappointingly, in essence 'start over from scratch'.

This is all well and good if it is possible to conveniently copy some/all of the prior data base's information (particularly, in my case; the 'Earnings' [for both myself and my Partner, now Spouse] and the 'Special' screens) which have no tie to marital status. Historical earnings and estimated projected expenses and income do not depend on marital status. Many hours of time must go into initializing these data elements (since, as far as I know, there is no shortcut template that can be populated and uploaded to initialize the data base) so that, for example, Social Security Benefits can be accurately determined.

Am I overlooking some simple 'copying trick' (even a MS Excel 'dump' and 'reload' would be better than doing it all over from scratch) for these 'stand alone' screens after the user must redo the 'Families' because the prior marital status of 'Partnered/Married/Single' is no longer applicable?


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Yes, it's correct that you have to start over. There's apparently too much tied internally to the marriage status.

For me, the time-consuming part used to be the entry of earnings history year by year. But if you copy/paste from this step is done quickly.


Thank you for confirming this, Dan.

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