Contingent Planning - video?

I have seen one reference to Contingent Planning being covered in another video, but haven't found the video. I, to be honest, have no idea what any of the checkboxes mean. I use ESPlanner without it, but I have some time now, and would like to do some "contingent planning."



dan royer's picture

Yes, in a few weeks here I'll have more time and will try to do a contingent planning video. For now, the checkboxes are a way for you to copy in all of your existing inputs to this set of contingency planning area. So in other words, you begin by making sure that all of your contingent settings are set to a default copy of both people living. Then you go into those contingent planning folders and override the inputs in the case of one person dying or another. So, forgive the cynical example, but say you have a special inheritance shown as special receipt of 50K in the year 2025 and it happens to be from the wife's family. However, if the wife dies, you think that this 50K receipt cannot be counted on. So in contingency planning special receipts you'd remove that 50K receipt. This will change life insurance recommendations (maybe). And it will lower the survivor's discretionary spending.

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