Contingent Planning and Mortgage

I enabled contingent planning, and under primary residence I indicated that upon my death the rent I would pay would be 0, and there would be no new home. I also entered a special expenditure assuming my wife would go into assisted living (Cheery scenario). When I ran a report the housing details show that my mortgage balance is 0 as of 2015, as is the mortgage expense; property taxes are still showing. The correct mortgage balance shows when I don't use contingent planning.


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Yes, this is a problem we found a few weeks ago and just today got fixed. We are testing this fix and one other that we'll release . . . early this week I suspect.

OK. How will I know when its been released other than to keep checking into the site looking for updates?

I just ran a similar scenario. Under contingent planning, housing inputs if I die, I selected a new primary residence. This zeroed out my current mortgage payments. I was trying to use this contingent plan for my wife to relocate into a CCRC assisted living. Please let me know when you've got a fix. Thanks

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Yes, that fix was just released in 2.31.0 which is available now to anyone with a license to download. So if you go to My ESPlanner and Downloads tab and download and install, you should see that fixed. We haven't yet made a bulk email announcement via Constant Contact, but we will probably get that out next week. Release note linked below here:

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