Contingency Planning and Annuities

I'm unclear about the survivor results in Contingency Planning when the Key Ages for converting my 403b and IRAs are set to a later date than the date I'll die (e.g., 70 for the accounts vs 66 for death). The idea is for my spouse to let the accounts continue to grow if they're not needed right away. If the dates are set as above (date of death precedes key age) then in the Survivor Report there's no income from the above in the Annuities column even though my spouse is the 100% beneficiary. I suppose I'm missing at setting here but I'm stumped right now.


dan royer's picture

I believe annuity income appears in the survivor report in the Non-asset Income report if the date of death is after the annuitization. There's an annuity column there. But if the date of death is before annuitization, then nothing is annuitized. The inherited balance from the retirement account, which had not yet been annuitized, is combined with the survivor's retirement account balance.

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