Breakout Roth retirement accounts in reports?


With the growth of Roth IRAs/Roth 401ks, should these be broken out (displayed) in the reports? Perhaps these could be labeled "tax-sheltered retirement accounts" and "Roth retirement accounts" (or assets or something similar).

If/when you decide to rethink the reports, please consider this.




I second Brian's idea.

Breaking out the year-end IRA and Roth account balances, and annual reporting of IRA and Roth distributions would be on the top of my wish list.

Navigating the period through age 70 which can involve trade-offs. Some of these trade-offs are personal life-decision and not reducible to one-size-fits all. Anything that can be done to improve the manual trial-and-error process (the "human-in-the-loop" approach) seems a step in the right direction. To the extent it involves changes to the report writer and not the computational engine, it may be worth the effort. Though understandably, changing a report is non-trivial. So, if/when reports are being re-designed, this request might be worth consideration.

The extra information will reduces the time advanced users spend on doing sensitivity analyses to fine-tuning their financial plan. More importantly, the extra information makes the results everyone sees more comprehensible -- whether or not they chose to tweak the results.


P.S. - Another piece of information that would be useful is the marginal Federal and State tax rates. Lastly, # of $'s to the next bracket might be handy too. I'm assuming one can use discretionary Roth conversions to pull income from high tax bracket years and fill lower tax years to the top of the lower tax bracket. Showing these two data bits makes manual over-rides easier. Again, no change to the computation engine, just additional information from inside the Black Box, shared with the users.

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