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Tags: IRA

I saw and was able to understand the previous tip from 2014 on how to model non-deductible IRAs future contributions in the special expenditures and special receipts tab. My feeble mind is having trouble figuring out best way to model an existing non-deductible traditional IRA balance.

With my current set of inputs, my current discretionary spending is negative. This obviously isn't true, so I'm assuming I have a problem with my input data but am having a problem tracking down what it might be. Can someone explain how current discretionary spending is calculated?

How do I reflect an inherited IRA from my spouse to me? Seems the software reflects total withdrawal at her our anticipated end of life and hence large tax hit. As I understand it I can inherit her IRA and not take a major withdrawal.

I am using ESPlanner using parallels which is fine, but am having problems creating the excel files. I do not have Excel running on windows, but was hoping to create the excel files and then use my Mac version of excel to open them. Any hints?

I have several special expenditures within the next 10 years that would not exist if I die before their schedule dates. When I activate Contingent planning I delete them from the special Expenditures database.

Tags: Roth

Running reports and noticed that I have no balance data (all 0) in the Roth IRA column of the retirement accounts detail report. What can be wrong?

It only asks for annual premium instead of the initial lump-sum payment. I would like to see the impact of buying a fixed income deferred annuity for us, but, the ESPlanner doesn't seem to be built to take that into account. Please help.

Tags: Roth

When I model Roth rollovers to leave to my kids, I do so by making special withdrawals from our retirement accounts then matching special expenditures (non-tax related). These matching special expenditures essentially remove the money from possible use in calculating our living standard.

In this topic on stock options, distinction was made between wages and taxable special income, with respect to the FICA Medicare part A tax. That brought a question to mind.

Tags: monte carlo

Page 10 of the PDF report lists all 10 portfolios, whether they are used or not. Why not only list the portfolios that are used and designate which is used for Regular Assets and which is used for Retirement Accounts?

Tags: monte carlo

In the Build Portfolios tab of the Monte Carlo input screen, is there a reference source, perhaps index and historical time period, for the Mean Return of each default Asset Class?

What is the best way to input employer granted options that are granted annually and exercised on a regular schedule after vesting? They are non-qualified (vs. incentive) stock options if that matters.

When I enter husband and wife CURRENTLY receiving SS, the report drops the wife's income to Zero after the first year. What am I doing to make this happen?

I put my annual bonus into a deferred compensation plan which defers all taxes until withdrawal, the withdrawal is in 10 annual installments beginning at retirement. How should I enter this?

Mike O'Connor recently commented that the software calculates SS benefit differently from SSA, and implied that a 1% difference is to be expected. In my case the software result is 3% higher than SSA. Is this difference within the margin of error for the software?

The "Ask A Question" page, at the bottom, shows 6 pages. But only page 1 has any content. Is that correct or are the other pages "missing"?

If you are younger than age 65 you may qualify for health care subsidies and are required to carry health care insurance. Figuring the subsidy manually is a bit obtuse since it is based on your household’s MAGI (modified adjusted gross income).

How best to model a future move to a Continue Care Retirement Community to make sure that such a move is financially feasible? I.e. to compute current spending level assuming such a move is desirable in the future.

Tags: mortgage

I can't get this to work or find instructions on how to do it. I want to examine the scenario of selling a property (not my home) in 2016, use the proceeds to payoff the mortgage concurrently, and use the remaining proceeds to pay down a mortgage on a second property.

In short How do I model term life insurance expiration?


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