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I've read all the posts in the various threads on life insurance. I'm with the users who remain totally confused by the software's recommendations. I've looked around without success.

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In the Monte Carlo simulation, at age 70, my projected retirement assets is 598,378.

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Is there any documentation of ESPlanner's federal income tax calculations?

The amounts shown in the ESPlanner tax report are $55k, but my federal income taxes have been in the $70,000 to $75,000 range.

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Is there any chance of enabling an RSS feed for posts like we had on the old forum?

Thank you,


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Dan, if you enter a search term and find a message, the link for registered users to create a new question allows you to create a new one. If you enter a search term and get nothing, the link is gone. You have to back out to get to where you can add a new question.

In the “Planning Method | Monte Carlo | Spending Behavior” window, the options to specify aggressive, cautious, or conservative spending behavior exist.

Tags: monte carlo

What does a higher precision simulation do differently than standard precision?

Please extend the ability to set the child-adult equivalency factor past age 19. They might not be "kids" when they're 20, but they might still be dependent, at least partially. Not being able to adjust their relative cost as it changes limits accuracy.

After using the online SS calculator, I put the results in ESP. We changed from my spouse taking SS at 66 and me taking at 70 to both taking at 70 with my wife taking spousal at 67. We plan to retire in 2015 and I am 7 years older than my wife.

In the Monte Carlo reports, the portfolios are described in terms of returns and beta. The label is portfolio 1, portfolio 2, etc. Since the user can edit those labels, why not replace "portfolio 1" with whatever the user renamed it as?

Tags: assets

It's a pain, but I created a custom asset by replicating the XML format for one of the DFA funds. That way it's available to all profiles without having to add it multiple times. That also prevents data entry errors.

Can you better explain what counts as a special expenditure?

What are other ESPlanner users assuming for investment rates of return, annually, over the next 20-30 years?

Tags: 401K, Roth

I am trying to do a simply trade between contributing to a traditional 401K versus a Roth 401K. I tried simply running two cases one with traditional contributions, then one with Roth contributions. I was looking for comparison in my reported consumption.

In the Special > Special Expenditures & Special Receipts tabs I've Cleared the Grid. So no values are displayed.

Hi -

This maybe an unfair question to ask in this forum.

However, I am wondering if anyone is familiar with using both ESPlanner and Torrid-Tech Retirement software.

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The New/Unread filter option is overlaid by another filter option text when displaying the page in Chrome (don't know if it's happening in other browsers).

1. On the Assets & Saving > Current Saving tab, in the Net contribtuions to saving field do I enter a negative number if I'm withdrawing funds for living expenses or leave it at 0?

Tags: monte carlo

Sorry I'm a newbie. I looked on the forum and the help file. Could someone please explain the meaning of the "Projected Trajectory" of standard of living (recommended consumption) column shown in the Monte Carlo Trajectory_Living Std report. Thanks.

Tags: monte carlo

Can someone refer me to an instructional guide as to how to use and read Monte Carlo data, particularly in ESP? I understand the concept. I'm just not certain how to prepare the data and interpret the results.

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In the new web site I can't find where I can look at the most recent forum comments. I really liked that on the old web site. I would look at it every day to keep up on what people are asking and learn from it. Please tell me how to access it or if it is unavailable, please put it back.

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It seems like the web site changed? What happened to the forum format? It's hard to browse topics and just learn by reading now.

I have children who will be entering graduate/professional school and for whom we may need to cover tuition, room, and board, depending on the level of assistance provided by the schools.


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