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I'd like to set up a 72t annuitization of some of my retirement assets. I've allocated a percentage in the Smooth Withdrawal window. I left everything to their default values in the Choice of Annuity screen.

Tags: monte carlo

See: , Backtest Portfolio Asset Class Allocation. Seems like it generates the #s Esplanner Plus needs. Compatible or potentially? (I have not messed with it yet, but became aware of the site today.)

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Under Retirement Accounts/Smooth Withdrawals I'm given the option to reorder withdrawals from Individual Deductible Accounts, Employer Accounts and ROTHs. The program always spends from Regular Assets first. Is there an option to spend from retirement accounts first, then regular assets?

My wife and I are fortunate to have assets at a level where it is recommended we consider purchasing long-term care insurance.

It would be great to be able to easily reset your profile to the immediate previous version with a single click on a "back one" button.

I am 58 and have two children age 8. I'd like to start social security at age 62, suspend it after FRA, and start it up again at age 70.
How do I do this in ESPlanner Plus?

Currently ESPlanner grows social security benefits for those already collecting by the inflation rate entered in Assumptions. The actual increase of benefits has been less than inflation - even the default 3% - by a sizable percentage for years.

For purposes of figuring tax basis for my rental property, the original building date of service was in 2004, original cost of $77,648, and accumulated depreciation of $21,821 thus far, leaving a basis of $55,827 to plug into the current year of my depreciation schedule (which I would enter in th

I have seen one reference to Contingent Planning being covered in another video, but haven't found the video. I, to be honest, have no idea what any of the checkboxes mean. I use ESPlanner without it, but I have some time now, and would like to do some "contingent planning."


I am reading Kotlikoff, Moeller, and Solman's 2015 book on Social Security. Here are two questions about details that I cannot find answers to in the book.

Is Federal Income Tax calculated and applied for withdrawals from 457(b) retirement accounts? Are the annual withdrawals listed in the Total Income report table before tax?

Tags: withdrawals

As retirement account withdrawals are shown in today's dollars, how will I know what to withdraw in the future?

I claim-and-suspend. Mine are calculated as $40,638 for ages 71 through 73, then decline to $40,303 for the remainder of retirement. My wife's benefits similarly decline at the same age. What would cause that?


Using 2.29.4 and looking at the Annual Suggestions report, the LSPA is identical to the Discretionary Spending even though I am running the report for two adults and I assume that 2 can live as cheaply as 1.6. What am I doing wrong? Which column is correct?

My spouse has 17 years working in a state school district that did not take out social security (she essentially gets a pension, like social security, from the state).

I've been playing around with the conventional planning method. The guidance in ESPlanner says:

How do I model selling my primary home and my vacation home becoming my primary home so that when I sell it 3 years later I can use the tax exemption?

I'll admit, social security benefits calculations have always been a mystery to me; I've never taken time to sit down and calculate my potential benefits.


With the growth of Roth IRAs/Roth 401ks, should these be broken out (displayed) in the reports? Perhaps these could be labeled "tax-sheltered retirement accounts" and "Roth retirement accounts" (or assets or something similar).

Tags: Excel

When ESP is generates reports they are opening in Excel {Compatibility Mode]. There is only one workbook and no tabs as in earlier reports.~H.

Under the "Retirement Accounts -> Key Ages" tab in ESPlanner, I've configured smooth withdrawals from my retirement accounts to begin at age 60 and end when I turn 69.

I am a US citizen currently residing in Malaysia. Can E$Planner accommodate the tax implications of foreign residence? Thanks!

I just bought ESP Plus yesterday, and have created one "family" for myself. I created two other sample families and immediately deleted them, but the program now will not let me create any additional families -- it says I only get 4. But I only have one! Please help.

Tags: Pensions

I have an entry in the Pensions tab for a previous year (2012) for a pension that has 0 inflation indexation. In the reports the value for the pension for 2015 has been discounted from the value that was entered in 2012.


I have some questions about the Life Insurance Recommendations. I have read the User Manual and other posts about Life Insurance so I believe that I understand the systems' approach but am still a bit unclear about the recommendations and how to properly interpret it.


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