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While I understand the purpose/suggestion of life insurance, can I remove it from my annual cost? Perhaps the SW should just suggest the amount and the user can add the specific cost. Having the amount in the reporting is just confusing.

Why very often in the first year Savings goes into Discretionary expense ?

Thank you, Max

Tags: monte carlo

I am interested in understanding how the MC function uses data and does its calculations.

Under Retirement Accounts/Smooth Withdrawals, ESPlanner asks the user to specify percent of assets to be annuitized. Does this refer to self-annuitization, or does this refer to annuities that I plan to buy? I don't plan to purchase any annuities at this point.

I know what an annuity is, but the word "annuitize" can mean different things. In Retirement Accounts/Smooth Withdrawals, ESPlanner asks the user to specify the percent of retirement assets to be annuitized.

that act lets me exclude $250k for single person OFF the capital gains. How do I indicate this in esplanner

I am unable to run a survivor's report with contingent planning. I have the following error log:

I'm running the latest version 2.38.3. I entered a test family with conventional planning and sufficient assets for a comfortable retirement. But the reports could not be produced because of a computation error below.

Tags: Cancellation

My subscription to ESPlanner Plus ends in early May. Since I recently purchased MaxFi Premium I no longer need ESPlanner. I want to cancel the subscription before it renews.


Tags: monte carlo

When I create a report assuming conservative spending (zero real investment return), my Monte Carlo results (at page 128) show that the "Zero Real Return" and the "Specified Mean Real Return" are the same.

Tags: MaxiFi

Just now seeing that there is a new software produce called MaxiFi. Will MaxiFi eventually replace ESPlanner? Or is it designed to compliment ESPlanner?

Tags: Inflation

I've set inflation in the assumptions to 6%. However, my property tax is capped at 2%. To fix this discrepancy I removed property tax from the Primary Home field and entered it as a special expenditure. If I grew it at 0% it would increase by 6% so I grew it by a -4%.

Tags: Roth

Running reports and noticed that I have no balance data (all 0) in the Roth IRA column of the retirement accounts detail report. What can be wrong?

It appears that ESP's Social Security capabilities do not model the case of someone who becomes a disability annuitant prior to retirement age.

How best to model a future move to a Continue Care Retirement Community to make sure that such a move is financially feasible? I.e. to compute current spending level assuming such a move is desirable in the future.

Thank you for this very helpful article. However, who wrote it? "I" is not identified (that I could find).


I've set Federal Income taxes to be changes and Part B Premium Change both in Year 2021. It seems to affect the Total Spending for Part B, but the report indicates I did not say either would be changed. No sure if it affected taxes.


I saw your note about the end of year bug being fixed in an update to ESPlannerPlus coming "in a few days". Is there also a Comprehensive Update coming that includes any/all of the implications of changes to the Tax Laws?

I am unable to add 2018 to the span of years in Monte Carlo when I try to edit assets or create new assets. I get an error message reading, "The span of return years must be from 1926 to 2017." Does this require an update? I am including screen shots to illustrate.

Tags: MaxiFi

Hi - As a long-time ESPlanner user, I'm trying to decide when to switch over to MaxiFi, and like the sound of several of its new features. However the fact it does not yet support Monte Carlo has me concerned.

We appear to be entering a recession with negative growth followed by regular or increased positive growth after 18 to 24 months. How can this be accounted for??

I am new to ESP. One of the things I am trying to look at is the tax implications of being a residence of a lower state income tax state. How do I go about changing state of residence? I do not see state listed except on initial setup.

Tags: MaxiFie

I switched last year to MaxiFi Planner and, since the Forum for questions was not available on the web site, you had said to follow topics on the ESPlanner site (which I obviously do). Is there a plan to eventually create a Question Forum feature on the MaxiFi site?



Background Info...
- Eligible for Social Security (SS) based on my work record
- Eligible for Canada Pension Plan (CPP) based on my work record
- Eligible for a Canadian defined benefit (DB) pension based on my work record


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