2.35.0 impact ?

I just read the release notes of 2.35.0 and its clear this was a huge release with lots of updates, fixes, etc in addition to the annual updates. The notes are hard to follow ... lots of acronyms and not much context. For example, I think some of the fixes for Retirement accounts are in annuity scenarios, but I can't really tell for sure.

I just want to know if all the fixes were for obscure problems and scenarios, or if they impact very common scenarios (i.e, everyone would be impacted after installing). If the latter, it would be helpful if you could let us know what impacts there are to common scenarios, reports, etc so we can better understand what to expect. I am not referring to the usual annual updates. I am referring to fixes and enhancements.

Even better, it would be great if you could write a few paragraphs describing what parts of the application were modified / impacted the most and what can we expect might look different.

Thanks for considering,



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Tom the Federal tax updates alone mean that the update will make a difference in everyone's report results. The Social Security updates and inflation updates that we do at the beginning of each year also make a difference to all reports. Some of the "inputs" stuff is just reporting on the Inputs area of the reports (which, personally, I never look at), but the fed tax and SS alone is a good reason to update your software.

Thanks, Dan. As I said in original post " I am not referring to the usual annual updates. I am referring to fixes and enhancements."

Yes, I understand the annual updates for SS, taxes, medicare, etc always impact everyone and are a good reason to update software. I was just hoping for more impacts of the fixes and enhancements. Seemed there were a lot more touched on in the release notes than just the "inputs" stuff.

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