Protecting Your Living Standard

ESPlanner helps protect your living standard by

  • Recommending annual saving amounts
  • Recommending annual life insurance holdings
  • Considering future tax hikes
  • Considering future Social Security benefit cuts
  • Incorporating growth in Medicare Part B premiums
  • Carefully accounting for inflation
  • Providing extremely detailed annual federal and state tax calculations
  • Incorporating Social Security survivor benefits
  • Letting you plan for major future health expenditures

ESPlannerPLUS and ESPlannerPRO include Monte Carlo simulations and Upside Investing which

  • Incorporate your current and future portfolio holdings
  • Adjust your annual spending in light of your annual portfolio returns
  • Show you the annual variability of your living standard
  • Let you build a floor to your living standard and experience upside investment risk
  • Help you choose safer portfolios
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