Income, Spending and Net Worth

Income Report
This report details total household income, which is the sum of non-asset income, special receipts, regular asset income, and retirement account withdrawals. All amounts are in today’s dollars. Non-asset income includes labor income, pension benefits, and Social Security benefits.

Spending Report
This report breaks out the total recommended spending into consumption, special expenditures, housing expenditures, life insurance premiums, and funerals and bequests in excess of home equity used to cover those expenses. Special expenditures in a particular year are the total of all special expenditures for that year listed in the Special Folder. Housing expenditures include all housing-related payments on the household’s principal residence and vacation home. These payments include rent, other rental expenses, mortgage payments, property taxes, maintenance and condo fees, homeowner’s insurance, and net home purchases. Life insurance premiums refer to payments needed to purchase ESPlanner’s recommended amounts of insurance for you and your spouse/partner.

Net Worth Report
This reports lists the components of your family’s net worth. These are regular assets, home equity, reserve fund, and your and your spouse’s/partner’s retirement account assets.

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