Housing Report

A fixed rate mortgage will show a declining mortgage payment because you are paying off with cheaper dollars as inflation goes up but your mortgage payment remains the same. All reports are in “today’s dollars.”

This report shows the household’s housing expenses and housing finances in each year in which you and your spouse/partner may be alive. The information in this report reflects responses to the questions in the Primary and Vacation Home Folders and combines information on both homes.

The report indicates for each year the amount spent on rent, other rental expenses, mortgage payments, property taxes, maintenance and condo fees, homeowner’s insurance, and net home purchases. When net home purchases show up in parentheses, it means that the expenditure is negative; i.e., you will receive income, on balance, from the sale of your homes.

The sum of the aforementioned housing expenses constitutes total housing expenditures, which are also shown in the report. It also indicates the amount of home equity and the outstanding mortgage balance. Note that the values of reported housing expenses and finances will vary from one year to the next as, for example, you pay off your mortgages or changes homes.

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