Using ESPlanner with Webroot or similar security programs

Some security programs will block a program's access to common Windows functions. Webroot SecureAnywhere is one of them. This can cause issues for ESPlanner when it tries to do rather routine things.

An example is pasting earnings from the site into the Past Covered Earnings tab of Social Security. If this applies to your system, you may see the error "No Earnings data was found on the clipboard" when trying to paste.

Resolution: A change is required in Webroot to allow ESPlanner to access clipboard.

Instructions to make change:
1. Open SecureAnywhere.
2. Click the Identity & Privacy tab.
3. Click Identity Shield on the left, then click View/Edit Protected Applications.
4. In the row for ESPlanner (esplanner.exe or esplannerPlus.exe), click the radio button for Allow.
(If you don't see the esplanner EXE, click Add Application, then select the executable file from its Program Files location.)
5. When you’re done, click Close.

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