How does ESPlanner differ from your Maximize Social Security program?

ESPlanner (including PLUS and PRO) is full-featured planning software that includes Social Security benefit calculations based on your actual earnings history. The Maximize My Social Security program does just one thing very well: It finds the benefit collection strategy that will give you the highest lifetime benefits. But both programs use the same code to calculate benefits based on what strategy one selects. The Maximize program also makes its own calculations of what's optimal, so you can see what your results look like compared with what we suggest. With ESPlanner, you must choose a strategy since it does not also calculate the optimal strategy for you, although of course you can try out different strategies (e.g., spouse file and suspend, self file and suspend, etc.). So ideally you would use Maximize my Social Security to find the optimal strategy and then use that strategy as inputs in ESPlanner where you can see the impact of that strategy on your entire household economy.


Can I integrate ESPlanner Plus and Maximize Social Security without doing it manually?

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