Comparison Chart

Lifetime Financial Planning      
Multiple Families and Profiles      
Detailed Inputs      
All Social Security Collection Options      
ROTH Conversions      
College Saving Strategies      
Retirement Spend-down Strategies      
Upside Investing      
Monte Carlo      
Includes DFA Funds      
Professional Tools      
Annual Renewal  $70
Related Products and Services  
Expert Review (current customers)  $250 per hour  $250 per hour  $250 per hour
Maximize My Retirement Income  $1500  $1500  $1500

The ESPlanner download products run on PC/Windows or on the Macintosh using windows emulation software.


ESPlannerPLUS is our acclaimed lifetime financial planning tool. It calculates what you should save, spend, and insure to maintain your household’s living standard through time. Whether it’s choosing careers, switching jobs, taking Social Security, managing retirement accounts, downsizing your home, or moving states, ESPlannerPLUS can find safe ways to significantly raise your living standard. The $199 first-year cost covers all updates. If you have purchased ESPlannerPLUS in the past, your annual update licenses will show $70 above. Handles up to four households with unlimited profiles per household.

  • ESPlannerPLUS includes Monte Carlo and Upside Investing features.
  • In addition to entering average nominal rate of return on assets with options to change those rates at some future date, users can choose our standard asset classes or create their own for the Monte Carlo and Upside Investing analysis.
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