ESPlanner 2.36.0

Release Date: 
Monday, December 11, 2017
Update Number: 
UI Update: 


  • [ESPM-615] - Use regression analysis of a set of core assets when predicting future behavior of Monte Carlo assets.
  • [ESPM-619] - Assumptions: Limit the "Two can live as cheap as..." field to be from 1.5 to 2.
  • [ESPM-620] - Monte Carlo: Only recognize assets in the prescribed subfolders: default, dfa, and private (if present).
  • [ESPM-623] - Revise Monte Carlo process and simplify reports
  • [ESPM-624] - Add option to choose between old and new Monte Carlo process.


  • [ESPM-596] - Check for Updates button should redirect to Release Notes page
  • [ESPM-606] - Correct spelling error on PDF report
  • [ESPM-612] - Import of earnings from not working properly
  • [ESPM-613] - Real estate - real rate of appreciation incorrect if purchase year is in the future
  • [ESPM-614] - Real Estate Appreciation Rate shown in UI rounded but sent to CE unrounded
  • [ESPM-616] - Calculated value at bottom of Current Savings page may be incorrect.
  • [ESPM-622] - ESPLanner shows no records using database that was previously populated.
  • [ESPM-626] - Assets and Savings: Current savings total is incorrect in some cases
CE Number: 
Computation Engine v03.12.p04-00


  • Improve consumption smoothing process to reduce convergence errors.

Monte Carlo

  • Use regression analysis of a set of core assets when predicting future behavior
    of Monte Carlo assets.
  • Revise Monte Carlo process and simplify reports

Federal Tax

  • Fix self-employment taxes for singles.
  • Update 2017 Standard Deduction for aged or blind.
  • Ensure unrealized capital gains and carry over losses are properly handled.

Payroll Tax

  • Calculate the employer portion of self-employment taxes for all single cases.
  • Moved unearned income Med B tax from payroll to Federal tax.
  • Delete the double application of the payroll (FICA) tax change.

Real Estate/Housing

  • Subtract the cost of selling rental real estate from the gross proceeds.
  • Treat the mortgage balance and monthly payment as current year dollars rather than prior year dollars.
  • Infer the mortgage interest rate based on 12 monthly payments per year rather than 1 payment per year equal to 12 times the monthly payment.
  • If interest rate is zero, return zero for annual interest payment.


  • Determine applicability of Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) based on initial non-Roth retirement account balances and/or non-Roth retirement account contributions.

Life Insurance/Annuities

  • Fixed issue in where consumption/income were improperly combined when calculating survivor insurance.

Social Security

  • Apply COLAs from the year of eligibility to the current year minus 1 to the Windex PIA.
  • Re-initialize months of work deductions for WIB for each year of death in the survivor passes.
  • Add Social Security survivor benefits in a divorced case if available.

State Taxes

  • All states - Apply latest 2017 updates.
  • Georgia - Base the Retirement Income Exclusion on each person's pensions, not the prorated taxable Social Security.
  • Georgia - Add taxable asset income, capital gains/losses, other taxable income, taxable IRA distributions, taxable life insurance and exogenous annuity payments, and Real Estate income/losses into the Retirement Income Exclusion Worksheet.
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