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ESPlannerPRO, the professional version of our program, is being used by financial planners nationwide.

View our list of some of the professionals using ESPlannerPRO.

Our program finds your clients' spending targets—the annual discretionary spending (consumption) amounts that entail a stable living standard per household member.

All financial planning questions come down to questions of living standard. ESPlanner is the only software that directly calculates living standard.

Our case studies suggest many ways to materially improve your clients' well being and help them understand the living standard implications of their financial decisions and lifestyle choices.

ESPlannerPRO includes Monte Carlo simulations showing how different investment strategies affect the level and variability of your clients' living standards. The software provides additional important benefits:

  • The ability to manage multiple clients
  • Customized client reports with your company logo
  • Free listing for your practice—including contact information, your marketing profile and a link to your web site
  • Extensive help with setup and implementation
  • Special access to our support engineers

Read the comments from Financial Planners below.

"Sensible Financial has used ESPlanner for many years. ESPlanner's dynamic programming provides the most accurate forecasts and projections of any financial planning product I've seen and is a key contributor to our ability to deliver financial plans efficiently. The program is stable and there is excellent technical support. In 2005, using this product exclusively for financial planning, we've doubled our assets under management; 3 out of 4 financial planning clients retain us to manage their investments."—Rick Miller, Ph. D., CFPTM, Founder and CEO, Sensible Financial Planning and Management, LLC, Cambridge, MA

"ESPlanner is by far and away the best financial planning software I have seen. It produces an actual plan—that is a thought out and accurately optimized lifetime consumption budget. The facts—the ages, income, assets, future pension and social security benefits etc.—are fit together into a mosaic to answer the single most important financial planning question: how much must we save per year in the coming years to be able to continue to live as we are now living after we retire. Mortgage payoff, children leaving the home, desired bequests or other fixed goals—all are fit into this pattern. I believe it is the only right way to do financial planning."—Jim Pinney, CFP, CFA and Dean Scofied, CFA, Pinney & Scofield, Cambridge, MA

"Making useful well thought-out lifetime financial projections is an inherently difficult and complex task. Having a well thought-out academically based model is a welcomed and valuable tool. After reviewing several financial planning software packages, ESPlanner differentiated itself from the pack by properly framing the financial planning process and actually solving for the dependent variable, allowable lifetime consumption, rather than leaving it up to the advisor or client to go through a iterative guessing process. ESPlanner is a key tool I use in the process to create tailored investment portfolios and strategies for my clients."—Brian Berberet, CFA, Carrick Bend Advisors, LLC, San Mateo, CA

"I'm getting used to ESPlanner and have used it with several clients over the past 2 months. I like the straight-forward results—this is what you can spend—this is what you need to save. I'm getting much more confident about the results and what they mean. It was especially helpful this A.M. with some clients who need to put some money into their house, but the wife also wanted to retire at 50 (she's currently 48) - and they've been forcing themselves to pay off their mortgage early despite setbacks in their income. With ESPlanner I was able to show them how much better off they would be if she would consider working to 62 and re-finance their mortgage over 30 years. They were a classic case of eating bread and gruel now so they could have a better standard of living in retirement. Quite an eye opener."—Kathleen R. Dollard, CFP(R), MBA, Nashoba Financial Planning, Boxborough, MA

"I have been trying out ESPlanner and find the whole approach very interesting and even revolutionary. I am blown away by the detailed tax work in the program. This is one of my biggest complaints about other programs out there. Some go so far as simply to tax everything with a flat percentage such as 25%! That kind of sloppiness is bound to create huge errors."—Joel Nance, ClearPath Financial Planning

"ESPlanner stands alone in the life insurance planning field as the only approach that provides a truly objective and sound tool for lifetime life insurance needs planning."—Anthony Steuer, CLU, Fee-Based Insurance Advisor, Orangevale, CA

"Most clients have one general desire: to find the highest sustainable standard of living throughout their lives, and that's just what ESPlanner does. You tell it the client's income, assets and mandatory expenditures like housing, transportation and non-life insurance, and it computes a level of allowable, non-mandatory spending that is constant throughout the client's lifetime. ESPlanner refers to this non-mandatory spending as 'consumption' or 'standard of living.'"—Charlie Ryan, research analyst, The Family Firm, Bethesda, MD

"ESPlanner's consumption-based planning could dramatically change the way we think." —Robert Glovsky, Director, Boston University's Program on Financial Planning and President, Mintz-Levin Financial Advisors

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