MaxiFi Planner Forum?


I switched last year to MaxiFi Planner and, since the Forum for questions was not available on the web site, you had said to follow topics on the ESPlanner site (which I obviously do). Is there a plan to eventually create a Question Forum feature on the MaxiFi site?




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We're investigating larger packages for help/support and one includes a forum and one does not. I'll log this request. I'm not sure at this point.


Zendesk seems to be pretty popular.

I'm really surprised that no one has bothered to update the MaxiFi release notes page, which still shows what's coming in February 2018. It sends a message to anyone looking at the site that development has stopped and the product is dead. Now I know that's not true, but would take 15 minutes to update that page! My expensive advice is offered for free here - update it! :-)

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My understanding is that there has not been a new release (though there's been tons of development work about to be released in the next couple of weeks) so there's not been an official update since Feb. I believe there might have been a "hotfix" of some sort maybe, but I'd have to check. After this big update (which includes Monte Carlo), he'll be back to a regular quarterly update schedule.


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