Real Returns on my Monte Carlo report differ from Mean Real Return in my Portfolio

In my family database I have developed several profiles over the 11 years I have used ESPlanner.

For the purpose of Monte Carlo simulation, I have constructed assets with nominal returns over many years. I have combined these assets into portfolios.
The assets and Portfolios list the Real Return of each asset. I agree with these real returns.

I have not used ESPlanner for about six months. I have installed the 2.37.2 update. Recently, when I am running Economics based planning with Monte Carlo Simulation, my Reports are returned with wildly inflated discretionary spending. When I dig deeper I see that my cautious spending behavior is recognized, but I also see that my Portfolio Characteristics are populated with wildly inflated rates of return for both the mean and median.

I am baffled...
What would cause a report to use return data that is not reflected in the Monte Carlo asset database? What should I look for and how can I correct this behavior?


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Hmm. I guess I'd have to see the database and the assets folder to see if I can help. Can you create a support ticket?

BTW, the MC in MaxiFi Planner is getting closer. The engineers are still saying the end of the year, but I think it will be ready sooner.


Thanks Dan, I will create a support ticket and attach the files. BTW: I am very interested in a move to MaxFi Planner especially once MC is enabled. I have been primarily Mac OS based for 8 years and ESPlanner is the only reason I still boot up Windows via Parallels or BootCamp.

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