Change State of Residence

Is there a simple way to indicate a change in state of residency without there being a sale of primary home? Client owns primary home in MA and second home in TN. In 2016, client will move to TN permanently, but keep both houses.


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You can change the state in the area where you input their names and birth dates. But that changes it for the current year. If you are wanting to change it for future years, then you'd have to use the primary home change. You can adjust the cost of home sales from 6% to 0% in the assumptions area, and perhaps then find the right inputs so that there's no net gain or loss.


Could you tell me where I give ESPlanner Plus my state of residence?

I want to change it from NJ to FL, so I get the correct stae income taxs.


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That's done at the top level in the family setup area.

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