Social Security Disability Payments

It appears that ESP's Social Security capabilities do not model the case of someone who becomes a disability annuitant prior to retirement age. Is this true, and if so can you suggest a good way to simulate this through some combination of special receipts and the regular Social Security retirement settings?


Adding ddisability benefits to ESPlanner is on our to-do list.
You can use special receipts to model SSDI prior to FRA. Since disability benefits convert to a regular retirement benefit at FRA you can input them as on the Social Security tab.

Thanks. Would it be best to also enter wages at time of disability as SS covered wages (not regular wages) in the years until FRA because when retirement benefit is calculated at FRA it is done as if you'd continued working?

If you actually have covered earnings, then you should enter them. If not, don't.

Any updates on this issue? I have the same problem trying to enter my wife's SS disability revenue.

Given our transition to MaxiFi and the eventual phase out of ESPlanner, we are not going to implement disability benefits in ESPlanner.
So, use special receipts prior to FRA.

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