Model Maximize My Social Security recommendation

I'm trying to figure out how to model the follow recommendation from your sister site "Maximize My Social Security ". The recommendation involves the younger spouse filing/collecting at 62 for 4 years to allow the older spouse to collect spousal until she is 70. The year the older spouse turns 70, the older spouse refiles for her own benefits. That same year the younger spouse suspends his payments for 4 year until he is 70. I can't figure out how to enter this in ESP.

Here is our profile:
Spouse1 DOB 12/1954
Spouse2 DOB 09/1950
Maximize Recommendation
Spouse1 files for retirement benefits in Jan 2017 the year Spouse1 turns 63. This is 1 month after 62th birthday.
Spouse2 files for spousal benefits in Jan 2017 the year Spouse2 turns 67.
Spouse2 files for retirement benefits in Sep 2020 the year Spouse2 turns 70
Spouse1 suspends retirement benefits in Dec 2020 the year Spouse1 turns 66
Spouse1 reinstates retirement benefits in Dec 2024 the year Spouse1 turns 70



Unfortunately more complex file, suspend, and re-instate scenarios cannot currently be modeled in ESPlanner, nor can they be requested as a "What-if" in MMSS.

The good news is we are working on this feature now and expect it to be available in both ESPlanner and MMSS at the end of April 2016.

Darryl Koehler

Are these changes included in the late April release 2.33.3 ? I did not see SS changes mentioned in the release notes .

I am also interested in this. We need to make a decision in the fall and don't want to wait too long to do the simulations.

OK.. Thanks for the update.

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