Past Social Security Earnings

Is there a way to manually add entries to the past covered social security earnings? I'm missing a year and need to add it.


For which version? In ESPlanner Plus, you can find these instructions in the Guide. The online version of ESP probably has similar functionality.

The instructions are for a mass update. If you want to edit an entry or two, just double-click the value in the dollars column.
To use the "Paste Earnings History for" button in the SS earnings history area of ESPlanner:

1. Create an account at and find the page that shows your lifetime earnings history.

2. Select the entire page and copy. The easiest way to do this is press Ctrl-A and then Ctrl-C.

3. Return to ESPLanner and click the "Paste Earnings History for" button for the appropriate person to paste in the earnings history.

If you don't see earnings pasted in the grid, the problem is likely that you did not select the entire page before you copied. See #2.

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ESPlanner Plus. I want to add a single entry (a new year), and I don't see a way to do that.

By creating a new blank profile, it appears to me that the range of available years is age 16 through 2015 (the last full calendar year.) You apparently can't add to that. Is it your intent to add a year before age 16? Or add 2015?

It seems to me that the easiest way to get it right is to copy your history from and paste it into the table. If SSA has something wrong, you can correct an individual year, but that means you need to get SSA to correct your work history on file with them, too.

Maybe that is it then - it's for age 15 which is also on the site, but it doesn't paste in. I would think that year would still count since it was paid as a SS deduction, but maybe I am wrong.

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That extra year would probably make hardly any difference, and there's probably a reason it's not included in the earnings history. Perhaps you could add that amount to the age 16 row.

I'm not too concerned. I just wasn't sure if there was a way to do this that I was missing. Thanks

See what happens if you create a new profile and paste the data into a blank page.

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