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On the details report, my husband's social security income jumps from the correct amount in 2016 up by $13K in 2017. Why? (He has been retired for 4 years, has been collecting SS since he was 65; he is now 78.)


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I'd have to see the database via a support ticket to know for sure. But I suspect that you just have a contradiction somehow in your inputs. It could be that you indicated that he is already receiving SS in the input area, but that you put an amount too low (left out the Medicare B part maybe). And so the program is using the higher of the two amounts (the higher between what you indicated and what the program calculates based on earnings history).

If you indicate that you are already collecting SS you should not exclude the amount that is taken out for Medicare B premium. We account for that in the Total Spending column.

The program takes the higher of the two: what it calculates vs what you enter as already receiving.

Thanks. I entered the total amount he is receiving; he is still on my health insurance so no deductions are being made for Part B until 2018 when I plan to retire. Should I request a support ticket?

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Yes, you can create a ticket. Did you indicate in ESPlanner that he will not enroll in Part B until 2018? Maybe you forgot to indicate that.

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Or maybe he starts getting a spousal benefit or something.

The Part B is entered correctly. The spousal benefit seems to be the cause of the extra funds.

But why? I will be 66 next February but plan to delay SS until I'm 70. I didn't think I could get spousal benefits with the new law.

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I'm not trying to just sell you more software, but Maximize My Social Security would, for $40, clarify all of this--and the support there would offer explanations. Or you could upload your database in a ticket. But our software is up-to-date and highly unlikely to get this calculation wrong. But I'm not an expert on SS benefits and would need to refer it to someone who is.

Hi - I have already purchased the Max my SS - it's showing the same spousal benefits for my husband between my ages 66-70. But I thought the new law says we cannot receive spousal benefits if I suspend SS until 70. I was born 2/5/51.

That must be the answer according to the software. Am I wrong about the new rules to file and suspend?

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I don't want to say the wrong thing. Since you have an MMSS account, go over there and use the contact form to ask that question. They will answer.

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