Savings not reset on .pdf report


Hello, I deleted my savings for the first two years of $10,000/year and the .pdf report still shows those amounts as part of the spending. Any way to get the report to reset?


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I'm not sure that I follow . . . Do you mean you removed the amount in your Assets & Saving balances area? Or do you mean the "current saving" tab? If you prefer to create a support ticket and upload the report, I can look at it.

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Hello Dan,
I had entries to save and subsequently changed to no savings in the Assets and Saving - Current Saving input area. The .pdf report for Larry's Spending still reflects the $10,000 savings amounts for 2016 and 2017.

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OK, those are two different meanings for "save." The savings for Assets and Savings is current year savings into Regular Assets. The 10K you see there is retirement account contributions (which I understand is also "saving" in a sense). If you want to model not contributing to retirement, you can remove that 10K contributions in Retirement area under contributions.

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Thanks Dan. That was it and now it makes sense.


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