How to adjust special expenditures for survivor tables

I used special expenditures to enter projected LTC expenses at EOL for each husband and wife. I entered the amount for each person so that there are two entries for each year labelled as nursing home expense. The standard tables all incorporate this amount correctly. However, the survivor tables also report the total special expenditures for both persons. In the survivor tables, is there a way to remove the special expenditures that are associated with a deceased spouse, so that the survivor calculations are not burdened by that amount? Is there another way to model LTC expenses at EOL that would reflect correctly in the survivor tables?

As a suggestion, modelling LTC expenses should be a critical element for most couples. Just like life insurance is directly linked to the individual, so too should LTC be linked directly to the individual.


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I believe I follow you here, and, yes, you would do that in contingent planning. You'd go in and remove those expenditures per the contingency if that makes sense.

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How would I remove the expenditure in contingent planning by person?

Never mind. I just figured out how to adjust the contingency plans. I see the sub folders and will edit the special expenditures by person. Thanks!

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