Is 2.3.20 much slower to generate reports?

It is on my Win10 64-bit VM (Mac using VMWare Fusion 7.1.3, OSX El Capitan 10.11.1). Windows machine has Intel i7 2.6GHz, 4 GB Ram. Takes several minutes to generate Excel (Office 2013) file, whereas it would take less than a minute in previous version. A number of things changed so I'm not pointing fingers, just wondering if others see similar behaviour.


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I have not noticed this myself. Are you in monte carlo mode? How about in PDF report? My PDF in economic's mode takes seconds. I can get up to a minute in MC.

It seems slower to me, as well. Judging from the prompts observed when a report is generating, much of the delay is before the "setup complete" message appears. I gather that has to do with creating a data file, or something to that effect, after which the computation engine generates the report? Just kinda guessing here but, at any rate, the delay between the setup complete message, and the PDF being generated, is short. Getting to the setup complete message is long.


The PDF report generates pretty quickly, then it seems to run slowly (for several minutes) before the Excel file is generated. Unlike on Win7, the Excel file does not open until you click on Excel icon on the tray. (To answer your questions, Dan, no, just in normal mode, not Monte Carlo, and PDF generates normally.) I did have Windows 10 Update get hung at 1% update, but was able to fix that by going into Safe mode, stopping Windows Update and BITS services, cleaning out c:\windows\softwaredistribution files and folders, and then rebooting. Unless I report in a subsequent post, assume that didn't affect this Esplanner issue.

Just a follow-up. ESPlanner 2.3.0 and 2.3.1 ran slow on Win10, VMWare Fusion 7.1.3. I created a Win7 machine and put ESPlanner 2.3.1 on it, and it ran fine. Something changed when Win10 got the big November 2015 update. I updated VMWare Fusion to the current 8.0.2 and retested it with Win10, and it ran fine. It also ran fine on Win7 as before. I conclude that it was some interaction between VMWare Fusion 7.1.3 and the latest Windows 10 update...which is not present in VMWare Fusion 8. I would recommend that ESPlanner customers using VMWare Fusion consider upgrading to VMWare Fusion 8 if using OS/X El Capitan, for noticeably better performance. As always though, YMMV.

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