Spousal SS Benefit

I am 69 and receiving SS since I turned 66. My wife is 64. She and I will retire next year. She will postpone SS until she is 70. I thought she was eligible for SS spousal benefits, at about half her eventual benefit, beginning at her age of 66. Dan you helped me set this up and it showed her getting over 15k between ages 66 and 70. I must have done something wrong. I have her filing and suspending. Then I have her receiving SS benefit at age 70, spousal benefit at 66. The ESPlanner report is only showing 9k spousal benefit when she is 70. I've set something wrong I fear. Thanks for your help. (I posted this as a comment elsewhere, but I think it belongs here as a separate question)


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Did you use the drop down menu in the SS area to have YOU file and suspend? Do you have both earnings histories entered? I believe you do if I remember correctly.

Don't have her file and suspend her retirement benefit at her full retirement age (FRA). Select "Neither" for file and suspend. Set her spouse's benefit date to her FRA and her retirement benefit date to her age 70. Her spouse's benefit will be 1/2 of your retirtement benefit at your FRA. It will not be 1/2 of her retirement benefit.

If this doesn't sort it out for you, please open a support ticket and upload your database.


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