Key ages - age at last withdrawal


I've been running scenarios using a key age of last withdrawal of 100. Recently I ran a new scenario using 90 instead of 100. I was surprised to see that the spreadsheet "Annual" tab shows a lower annual consumption using 90 instead of 100. Everything else stayed the same. Am I missing something?



It's hard to say for certain without seeing the profile, but this isn't unusual. Each variable within ESPlanner has an effect at some level for your specific profile. Only by sensitivity testing and careful analysis can you determine the impact of specific variables and which combinations are best for your unique situation.

The change could be making your profile less tax efficient by pulling more withdrawals into earlier years (raising your taxes in those years) or something similar. That would be my guess.


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Yeah, hard to say. I mean the money is invested for ten years less than before. And it could be that the assumption on return on that pool is a lot higher than on regular assets?

Thanks - I had wondered if it could be related to fewer years of investment returns.

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