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I want to put my database in cloud storage so I can access it from different computers which are in different locations (Florida & Connecticut). Can you provide some detailed guidance on how to accomplish this?


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I'm not sure that this will work. Well, you can try it. You'll see that in Tools/Options you can indicate the location of the database. If the pathname was the same from the point of view of both computers, perhaps it would work?

But certainly you could put your database in the cloud, then download it to the local computer, double-click it to invoke ESPlanner--work away--then put it back in the cloud when you are done. Then, from the other location, download from the cloud--work away--put it back on the cloud when you are done.

When you install ESPlanner one of the last steps is a little check box that says you are OK with associating .mdb files with ESPlanner. What this means is that when you double-click on an .mdb file it will launch ESPlanner and open that file (just like clicking on a Word .docx file runs Word). So if you installed ESPlanner on both computers, you really wouldn't have to worry about the database location in Tools/Options. Instead, just launch it from the file on your desktop or wherever.

I hope that makes sense.


I don't know how other cloud storage apps work but OneDrive creates a local folder into which you copy your folders and files. It then syncs the files and folder structure within the target folder to the cloud and. In turn, the client app on other computers inherit the same files and folder structure.

I just copied my ESP database to my OneDrive folder (in my case, SkyDrive, because it uses the original name), set that copy as default in Tools>Options and started ESP normally. It now uses the cloud version as my default database.

I assume OneDrive takes care of the rest, and by setting the default database to point to that folder on different computers, those computer would have access to the same file.

Consider changing your default report folder to the shared location, too. That way the pointers in the database work to open the most recent report. If you have ESP set up to not overwrite the previous report, consider the effect on your available cloud storage. Clean it out once in a while.

I only did the above as a test but do use essentially the same approach with my home server. I just revise the default database to the copy stored on my server. Whether I open it from the desktop in the study or from my laptop while watching TV, I get the same.

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Chris & Dan - Thanks for your help. I use Google Drive and it works the same as Chris described with SkyDrive. So I copied my database to Google Drive and I set that location as the default for the database and the reports on both of my PC's. Works like a charm from both of my PC's. Thanks again for your help!

Remember to close the app completely when finished using it on one computer. I don't know how the cloud apps handle open files. They might not be able to update the content on the cloud until local file locks are released. That could result in the various copies being out of sync.

Also, I you're just starting up one of your computers after a long downtime, consider how long it takes for the cloud app to update local file copies. It might not be immediate.

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