Method for defining new assets for Monte Carlo

I am running version 2.29.4 of ESPLannerPlus (Build 492). I was starting to use the Monte Carlo section to add my real securities. After I clicked on the "New" button, I noticed this at the top of the "Define a new asset" dialog box:
Important Note: This style of user asset will be phased out in a coming release. This will be replaced by entering assets with their full earnings history. This new style of asset will mesh more completely with the Monte Carlo process. You may wish to wait until the new feature to add new user assets.
My question would be how soon will this new release be available? Am I talking weeks, months or years?


My question as well. I just purchased esplanner pro. I am surprised (and disappointed) that my portfolio can't be input directly. Beyond the convenience and performance assumptions, I'm not confident in matching my portfolio against the default classes for input. If this feature is not to be ready soon, is there guidance that some one has written for shorthand translation of portfolio to program? Thank you

This is in beta testing now.

Edit...just to clarify, I'm a user (and fan) of ESPlanner and not an employee.


Thank you.

Thank you. Do you need Beta testers?

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I'll ask our engineer and let you know.

Do you have any suggestions for web sites to get the return information for assets?

Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, etc. all have this information.


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You can use as well. There's a link in there that allows you to input a ticker symbol in the backtesting area.

Use Google Chrome and the ColumnCopy add-in. With that add-in, use Alt-Click in the header of a column of returns and it copies the column to your clipboard. In the New Asset dialog, click the year column header until it's sorted in the same order as the returns data (ascending or descending), right click, paste.

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