.Key ages tab - unable to save inputted ages.

New user - I am unable to get the retirement account screen tab "key ages" to save the ages I am inputting. It accepts age 69 for last contribution and age 70 for first withdrawal, but when I run a report it defaults it back to ages 64 and 65.


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I can't replicate this. I assume you are using 2.29 version and you have actual contributions in there, right? It's not enough to just set ages; you have to also actually add the contributions. If trouble remains, create a support ticket and upload your database and I can take a look.

Dan, this sounds like the issue I described yesterday in response to another user's post. I suspect it will be fixed with Darryl's corrected version.

I am having same problem. It first appear using existing file with 1st withdrawals starting at 59. I then tried creating new file with same profile. Experienced same problem (key ages that I input will not stay set), except this time 1st withdrawal occurred at age 65.
This seems to me to be a bug with new 2.29 version. I plan to create a trouble ticket. This kind of error is very frustrating.

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I'm using 2.29.1 which was released yesterday I believe. I don't see the problem there. I was using a beta version before--perhaps that's why I didn't see it.

2.29.1 seems to be working for me. Need to run for a while to check, since the results are different as expected.

2.29.1 fixed the problem I had saving changes to key ages.

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