Economics Approach

No one wants to splurge today and starve tomorrow, nor do the opposite. Life-cycle consumption smoothing —balancing our living standard through time—is the goal.

But finding the right current and future spending targets to achieve that goal is a highly complex mathematical problem. Economists have worked on this problem for a century. Now, based on advances in desktop computing and ESPlanner's patented algorithms, life-cycle consumption smoothing is at your finger tips.


  • calculates your sustainable living standard
  • incorporates all of your resources and "off-the-top" expenditures
  • makes highly detailed annual tax and Social Security benefit calculations
  • helps you raise, smooth, and protect your living standard
  • shows impacts of early retirement and other lifestyle decisions
  • provides annual saving, spending, and insurance recommendations

ESPlannerPLUS includes Monte Carlo simulations showing how your investment choices affect the variability of your living standard.

ESPlanner balances consuming in the present with consuming in the future.

ESPlanner's annual discretionary spending recommendations help you attain a stable living standard through time.

ESPlanner measures living standard as discretionary spending by per family member, adjusted for "two can live more cheaply" and the relative cost of children.

ESPlanner keeps your living standard stable as income, taxes, "off-the-top" expenses on housing, 401(k)/IRA contributions, college, etc., and family size change.

ESPlanner generates a personal lifetime financial plan, whether you are just starting out, are nearing retirement, or are already retired.

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