Comprehensive Analysis

Creating a lifetime financial plan requires putting everything on the table. ESPlanner incorporates all the inputs, taxes, and benefits listed below. Set up a basic profile, copy it, and modify it to find safe ways to raise your lifetime living standard or understand the living standard impact of lifestyle decisions.

ESPlanner Inputs

  • Demographics
  • Wages
  • Self-Employment Earnings
  • Regular assets
  • Retirement accounts
  • Pensions
  • Life Insurance
  • Social Security
  • Estate plans
  • Annuities
  • College expenses
  • Gifts to children
  • Reserve fund
  • Primary home
  • Vacation home
  • Changes in taxes
  • Changes in Social Security
  • Future housing plans
  • Special receipts
  • Real estate
  • Portfolio allocations
  • And more

ESPlanner Incorporates

  • Federal income taxes
  • FICA taxes
  • State income taxes
  • Social Security retirement benefits
  • Social Security spousal benefits
  • Social Security survivor benefits
  • Social Security parent and child benefits
  • Medicare Part B premiums

ESPlanner's Tax Provisions

  • The Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Itemization decision
  • Tax credits
  • Deductions and exemptions
  • Capital gains and dividends
  • State-specific schedules
  • Social Security benefit taxation
  • Federal bracket indexation
  • Real estate depreciation
  • Capital gains on home sales
  • Municipal bond preference
  • Self-employment tax

ESPlanner's Social Security Provisions

  • Early retirement, spousal, & widow benefit reductions
  • Delayed retirement credit
  • Earnings test
  • Adjustment of the reduction factor
  • Re-computation of benefits
  • RIB-LIM calculation, as needed, of widow(er)'s benefits
  • File and Suspend Strategy
  • Start-Stop-Start strategy
  • Child and child survivor benefits
  • Child-in-care spousal benefits
  • Mother and father survivor benefits
  • Average wage indexation
  • Family benefit maximums
  • Deeming provisions
  • Excess benefit calculations
  • COLA adjustment
  • Windfall Elimination Provision
  • Government Pension Offset
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