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Hard times call for hard thought. ESPlanner provides it. ESPlanner gets financial planning right by focusing on what matters -- your standard of living -- and by paying very careful attention to your taxes and social security. ESPlanner's economics-based approach helps you see the problems and dangers in conventional financial planning.

—Michael Rothschild, Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, Princeton University

ESPlanner is a great program and is giving me the confidence to prepare for retirement in a way that I thought was possible but was impossible to calculate any other way.

—Michael Thompson, Engineer, Charlotte, NC

This is a great package, and your support is always first rate. I do have a financial advisor, but this tool is most reassuring for me as I can play with different scenarios as much as I would like, where he can't......I'll have to show him ESPlanner next time we meet.

—Bill Clark

I would like to take this time to tell how useful ESPlanner has been for planning my last career move, keeping our family's financial planning on a rational analytical footing, and helping me plan this last phase of my professional life as I approach 65 years of age. Our family's financial foundation is complicated, but probably not that unusual for this generation. In 2004, I was considering another career move and needed a financial planning tool to help the make the decision between job offers inside and outside government. That was when I bought ESPlanner Plus on the basis of a short review in Consumers Report. I used it to create our financial portfolio projections in 2005 under various job change scenarios, college tuition projections,spouse career planning, and final retirement projections. I did this after interviewing several financial planners, including major investment firms, and realizing that I was the only one really interested in tying together all these complexities with the goal of smoothing out our standard of living for the period of our lifetimes and, most importantly, giving us the ability to look at what tradeoffs different scenarios allowed. ESPlanner, from my research into the matter, is the unique tool that allows us to do that. So, as we look forward to the conclusion of my salaried working days, then retirement and possible relocation to another state, I am starting to fire-up the software again, and in a couple months be able to answer such questions as should we buy another house then, or rent? I wish you and your company great success, and hope that many more families such as ours discover ESPlanner.

—Vince Vilker, Silver Spring, MD

Your support has been very responsive and just plain excellent. Please let the other persons at ESPlanner know how happy I am with the support provided.

—Mark Dresnick

Vicki and I have gone over our pre-retirement and post-retirement numbers many times....your consumption calculations are right on the money. And the retirement income probabilities match with what we get from Financial Engines. Note that with FE, one needs to guess or estimate retirement needs...something your program calculates! And I know of nothing else that figures consumption---I've been looking for three years. By the way, the average dentist in retirement (I've interviewed about 15 so far) lives on 30%-65% of pre-retirement income...similar to your much more extensive research.

—Doug Carlsen, retired dentist, Escondido, California

Just thought you'd like to know, that ESPlanner was central to my conclusion that I really could afford to retire, a conclusion that my subsequent activities verified. In short, we are far from hurting and even fret over not having enough time to do all the things we want to do. Thanks for helping put us in such a wonderful quandary.

—John Harry Jorgenson, retired, former lawyer with the Federal Reserve Board of Governors

Thanks for the prompt and personal response and the offer of your cell phone. It's much appreciated. I think this software and your thinking on this subject does all of us who are trying to plan in the real world a great service. It has certainly made me realize that putting myself on the financial equivalent of a starvation diet so that I can die with the most money in the bank is probably not the way to have the richest, fullest life!

—George Leimer, senior director of a large ecommerce company, Los Gatos, CA.

I'm 3 years from retirement and my wife and I needed to know if we were on track financially. ESPlanner has allowed us to enter our income, assets, and liabilities and has provided us with a level loaded projection of how much money we will have available to spend each year in today's dollars. There are lots of unknowns in anyone's future, but with this program, I feel like I can track where I am financially.

—Jac D. Irvine, North Richland Hills, TX

This is a great program. With product support like this, I'm sure users are never disappointed.

—Jim Meyers, Hospital CFO, Bloomington, IN

All in all, I think it's a very powerful tool.

—Craig Auletti, Engineer, Corvis Corporation, Columbia, MD

ESPlanner has provided me with much confidence that I am on the right track.

—Robert Meier, Professor of Physics, George Mason University

I am really enjoying working with the program. I find your approach to retirement planning to be novel and the methodology fascinating.

—Washington, D.C. Tax lawyer and Employee Benefit Specialist

ESPlannerPLUS is by far the most comprehensive financial planning software I was able to find. It was clearly designed by people with a deep understanding of the pitfalls and opportunities of a wide variety of retirement strategies.

--Jon Abendschein, Senior Analyst for a utility company, San Francisco

It takes in much more data and variables than any other program.

—Michael Stewart, Vice President, Dana Investment Advisors, Brookfield, Wis.

ESPlanner stands alone in the life insurance planning field as the only approach that provides a truly objective and sound tool for lifetime life insurance needs planning.

—Anthony Steuer, CLU, Fee-Based Insurance Advisor, Orangevale, Ca.

My wife, Alane, and I have been absolutely amazed at the speed and efficiency that both you and Dan gave to our initial difficulties using your ESPlanner Plus software we recently purchased. Your technical support has been nothing short of phenomenal. Little wonder that your financial planning product was ranked number one by Money Magazine! We are thoroughly enjoying utilizing this tool in our planning for the future.Thank you for developing such a useful tool and the customer support that you supply along with it.

Bill and Alane Frakes
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